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Trending Wedding Nails: Elevate Your Bridal Look with these Gorgeous Styles

Getting Hitched in Styleeeeee 💒💍 🫧✨💅🏽

I feel like, from April, is where we get our wedding nail requests, either trials or actual wedding nails !

Here’s some wedding nail ideas to set you on the path of a champion nail game for the big day .. someone get this gyal to the alter 💍💒 !

Starting with:

1. Classic French - yep these will always steal the show. You can do your classic French on any nude base, depending on your skin tone, works for shapes and lengths and gives the illusion of longer nails.

2. Glazed Doughnut

The glaze is here to stay.. #haileybieber

These give a low-key sparkle or shine and will make all your guests double take.

3. Baby Boomer

The baby-boomer is making its comeback with its subtle blended illusion. Perfect for wedding day and honeymoon !

4. French Negative-Space (& lunar French add-on)

These edgy twists on a classic will leave you staring at your nails instead of future hubby at the alter. A prime giveaway that you nailed it.

4. French Cuffs

And no, nothing kinky. Just a sexy elegant reverse French and the cuticle area. Perfect for girlies looking for minimal nail design ideas for the big day !

5. Clean girl manicure

Nothing beats it.. clean aesthetics are in and are here to stay. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone for the ultimate clean girl look.

↳ SW6 Fulham London

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