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Biab Nails Fulham


Customer experience and outcome is our top priority. We focus on clean nail preparation and detailed nail polish application. 


> BIAB Baby Manicure £60.00 

> Skip Signature Combined Gel Manicure £45.00

> Skip Signature Combined Gel Pedicure £50.00


biab manicure london.jpeg

what is BIAB?

"Builder In A Bottle" (BIAB) is a gel product and is formulated to provide a thicker consistency compared to traditional gel polishes, making it suitable for building and strengthening natural nails. Here are some key characteristics and potential benefits of BIAB:


  1. Strength and Structure: BIAB gels are designed to add strength and structure to natural nails. They can be applied as a thicker layer than regular gel polish, helping to reinforce and build up the nail.

  2. Natural Look: BIAB gels aim to provide a more natural look and feel compared to traditional acrylic or hard gel extensions. The goal is to grow and enhance the natural nails. 

  3. At Skip the Filter we carry out a complete russian combined manicure each time for a flawless finish. 

  4. Long retention, as your nails are sturdier, meaning you spend less time in the salon and more time doing what you love with beautiful nails. 

  5. Soak-Off Capability: Some BIAB gels are soak-off, meaning they can be easily removed with acetone, providing flexibility for changing nail styles or for clients who prefer temporary enhancements.

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We create beautiful sculpted gel extensions using either a hard gel or acrygel system. 


We work with Sculpted Gel Extensions as it allows us to create natural looking extensions by using nail forms that can be tailored to create your desired nail shape. This means they feel light-weight and look totally natural. 


In this service we include a full russian manicure method and prep. We then size your nails individually, to create your bespoke set. 


This treatment includes a choice of colour or you can stick to the natural colour of either the hard gel or acrygel. 

burgundy nails.jpeg

what is a combined Russian manicure?

This method is known for its emphasis on cuticle care, precision, and attention to detail. Unlike traditional manicures that may involve soaking the hands in water, a Russian manicure is typically performed on dry nails.

Here are some of the advantages associated with a Russian manicure:

  1. Precision Cuticle Care: Russian manicures are known for their meticulous cuticle care. The dry technique allows for precise cuticle trimming and shaping, resulting in a clean and well-groomed appearance.

  2. Longer Lasting Results: The dry technique, combined with thorough cuticle removal, can contribute to longer-lasting results. Nails may appear neater for an extended period, and the manicure may require less frequent maintenance.

  3. Enhanced Nail Health: By avoiding prolonged exposure to water, the natural oils in the nails and surrounding skin are better preserved. This can contribute to improved nail health and reduced susceptibility to dryness and brittleness.

  4. Professional Appearance: The precision and attention to detail associated with Russian manicures contribute to a professional and refined look. This type of manicure is often favored by those who appreciate a clean and polished appearance.

  5. Reduced Risk of Infection: By avoiding the use of water, the risk of infection is minimized. Water exposure can sometimes lead to the introduction of bacteria, fungi, or other pathogens, which may be reduced in a dry manicure setting.

London French nails fulham.HEIC


if it were easy, everyone would be doing it

Brighten your nails with us, all we ask if that you book the right tier and send (via IG) your ideas so we quote you correctly and ensure enough time. 




Simple Nail Art £10 (Full Set): Glazed Doughnut, Chrome, Cat-Eye, Gold Leaf, Dusted Glitter or Flakes. 


Accent Fingers *2 Fingers from.. £10 

Accent Fingers *4 Fingers from.. £12

Accent Fingers *6 Fingers from.. £16


French Tips £12: include either your classic French tip with a short or deep smile line, side French tips or French Cuffs. 


Fancy French Tips £16: include: your classic French tip with either a laluna halo (at the base of the nail), glaze, chrome, animal print, cat-eye, diamonds or pearls on or around the French. Or Baby-Boomer/Ombrè.


Full Set Popular Art from £20

Swirls | Tortie | Animal Prints | Stars, Moons | Floral | Flames 


Full Set Complicated Art from £30

Abstract | Mix of Multiple Nail Arts Designs 

pedicure London

all pedicure options includes combined russian technique

Just like our Skip Signature Combined Manicure, ​our pedicures also include a russian combined technique for precision and application (if required). 

We have multiple pedicure options and all options include the combined russian technique.

Our signature combined pedicure includes manual callous removal, soak and scrub. 

Our Dry Mavex pedicure is great for clients who suffer with diabetes or cracked heel. Results are seen as quickly as 15 mins without the need for blades or scalpels. This is a unique Calluspeeling formula, that doesn't leave you peeling for weeks. By the end of the treatment your feet will look revitalised, feel lighter and look healthier. 



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