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"To encourage body-confidence and empower individuals to own their raw and authentic beauty without judgement".

We employ responsible, vegan and cruelty-free brands, to give our customers only the best experience. Our business is to Skip the Filter, because inner beauty starts from within

How it started vs. How it's Going #SkipthefilterUK

In 2021, Katherine, founder of Skip the filter, decided to say bye-bye to her day job and pursue this wild adventure of opening a beauty space. Not just any beauty space, but a vision of setting up a casual, fun and relaxing place for individuals to unwind, enjoy and feel confident.

She centres her vision around a team that align with her mission and goals. Having searched high and low for people with passion, drive and super-human people skills, she can confidently say, she has the most amazing people working beside her, and couldn’t be more grateful for them.

To inspire confidence is what we at Skip the Filter plans to do. We believe that there is nothing braver in life, than being able to conquer our inner voice. Therefore, we have created a space where you can be your authentic-self. A place worthy of absolute self-care and all your beauty needs in one place.

We offer unparalleled beauty pampering and appreciate our clients often have busy schedules. As such, we have a variety of services that fit in with your life.


We want you to know, that you’re always welcome to Skip the Filter, let go and join us in liberating your true and beautiful self. Contact us today and see what our team can do for you. Or simply drop in and take advantage of our convenient walk-in service. 


Kat Hoxha Founder of Skip the Filter UK.JPG

Katherine Alvaro - Founder of Skip the Filter

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